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Works of Eight Contemporary Japanese Swordsmiths [Japanese Dialog Version]

The Murakumokai – A group of 8 Japanese swordsmiths who gathered for a workshop organized by The Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords at Oku-izumo, the birthplace of Ame no murakumo no tsurugi, one of the 3 sacred treasures. After holding exhibitions in Okayama, Miyazaki, Nagoya, Tokyo, and Paris, we are happy to announce that we are making this DVD about the beautiful world of the Japanese sword filmed in hi-vision, available to the public.

The swordsmiths reveal the beauty of their masterpieces, a total of 15 magnificent swords, with vivid clarity in pictures chosen from among 70 hours of material captured by highly experienced film professionals. As a result of this professional effort to show the powerful allure of these beautiful swords, the sheen of their jigane and hamon through the eyes of the swordsmith, we present the ultimate film experience.

In addition, throughout the film the features of the Japanese sword, the Nie, Nioi, Kinsuji, and Utsuri, and their changes over time are explained. We heartily recommend this film as a valuable textbook of the features of the Japanese sword and the skill and passion of the swordsmiths who create them. 

Run Time: 47 min.

Dialog: Japanese only

Production: TV Setouchi Creative Technical Group

Viewing Period: 3 days