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The Ancient Techniques and Spirit of the Japanese Sword - A Modern Challenge [English Dialog Version]

Kinki, Chugoku & Shikoku Regional Branches of the All Japan Swordsmith Association video taped the forging of a Sue-Bizen style sword in Osafune, a town famous for sword making, employing traditional methods.

The Japanese sword is artistic craftwork based on functional beauty that has developed over a period of more than 1,000 years. The beauty in the well-honed shape of the sword is the straightforward expression of the noble and powerful spirit of the warrior, and the pure and bright spirit of the Japanese people.

Although the public can visit art galleries and museums to see swords that have been completed, there are few opportunities for them to see what modern swordsmiths have brought down from past generations.

It is our great hope that many people will have the opportunity to view this video to witness the entire process of sword making, from the first step, the creation of Tamahagane, to the final polishing of the completed sword, and deepen their understanding of the beauty of the Japanese sword and the skills required to create it.

We also hope this video project will play a part in the passing down of the traditional craftsmanship of Japanese sword making. We hope that as many people as possible will have a chance to see this video.

January, 2004

Sadatoshi Gassan

President, All Japan Swordsmith Association

Run Time: 32 min.

Dialog: Japanese only(No English subtitle)

Production: TV Setouchi Creative Technical Group

Viewing Period: 3 days