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Swordsmith: Yukihira Kozaemon Miyairi - Pray to the Flame [Japanese Dialog Version]

This exclusive video explores how the Soshuden's "Hon-san-mai" method is forged, guided by Miyairi Yukihira himself with his interview. Miyairi Kozaemon Yukihira is a living national treasure, the last Yukihira's son and was born to inherit the legacy of the Miyairi family. Today, he is actively promoting the popularity of Japanese sword and establishing the Kozaemon Yukihira style Shoshuden. Ogasawara Nobuo, a honory personnel of Tokyo National Museum joins this program to talk about the Soshuden.

Run Time: 40 min.

Dialog: Japanese only(No English subtitle)

Production: TV Setouchi Creative Technical Group

Cast: Miyairi Yukihira, Ogasawara Nobuo

Viewing Period: 3 days