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Swordsmith: Gassan Sadatoshi - 800 Years of Ayasugi Linage [Japanese Dialog Version]

Sadatoshi Gassan has inherited 800 years of Gassan tradition which originated in Dewa and prospered in Kamakura era. The Gassan Tradition is famous for its Ayasugi pattern and sword engraving. After graduating from college, Sadatoshi underwent training from his father and Living National Treasure, the late Sadakazu Gassan, and embarked on the sword smith's path. As head master of the Gassan clan, Sadatoshi now works hard to train the next generation as well. He has taught many exceptional swordsmiths. 

This video is a high-vision video-record of the Gassan Tradition forging techniques featuring special interview highlights with Sadatoshi Gassan himself.

Run Time: 30 min.

Dialog: Japanese only(No English subtitle)

Production: TV Setouchi Creative Technical Group

Cast: Gassan Sadatoshi

Viewing Period: 3 days