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Super Kendo Step Training Vol. 3 [Japanese Dialog with English Subtitle Version]

This third volume mainly features how to stomp in Kendo. The correct stomp enables you to create more effective offense and prevents you from getting injured. In the space of "one step and ond sword" distance, one stomp is enough to enter engagement distance. You will be able to learn how to stomp to make the quick and successive moves for victory. The lesson features the exercises to stomp shifting from Iri to Fumikomi, Hiki-men stomping, Hiki-kote stomping and many others.

Instructor: Tokoro Masataka

Born in Chiba prefecture in 1956. Kendo Kyoshi 7-dan.

Leaving his duties as a Kendo instructor for Narashino High School, he now serves as the instructor of the traditional Awa Highschool Kendo Club.

Believing in the importance of basic training, his original training method helps each team member to reach their full potential and he continues to rise Kenshi that who have individuality and has the strength to win in Shiai tournament.

Thanks to their daily training, his school has continuously won the All Japan Kendo Championship, displaying the overwhelming effects of his training method. His feats of leading the two schools under his instruction to win the All Japan Kendo Championships can be said to be unique among the high school Kendo instructors.

Run Time: 45 min.

Dialog: Japanese with English subtitle

Prodution: T and H

Viewing Period: 3 days

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