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Kabuto and Yoroi Armor [Japanese Dialog Version]

The fusion of design and embossed iron plates, infused with many different emotions, creating a astonishing Kabuto helmet. Japanese armors that reflects the society of an era of the past. Directly from the proud manufacturers, we deliver to you a high resolution video that shows even the tiniest of details of the armors complete with explanatory narration. 

Kabuto - Decorating a simple helmet with leather, Japanese paper in many different designs with embossed iron plates in various sizes and designs is what makes a Kabuto. In this video, we will reveal the secrets and history of each of the Kabuto introduced. 

Japanese Armors - O-yoroi, Haramaki, Domaru, Marudo, Nimaido, Okegawado, Butsudo, Gomaido, we will go through each of these Japanese armors, while paying attention to how they were constructed, used and functioned. We will also put focus on the decorations and the historical background of the Japanese armor. 

Iwakuni Art Museum - The Iwakuni Art Museum is located in the Yamaguchi prefecture, Iwakuni city has 18 designated cultural asses and over 6000 pieces of armors and swords in their collection of national important cultural properties on display. We will also introduce you to a few precious display items such as Kawanakajima gassen design folding screen. 

Run Time: 50 min.

Dialog: Japanese only(No English subtitle)

Production: TV Setouchi Creative Technical Group

Viewing Period: 3 days