Q1. How many days are my order effective?

A1. You have 72 hours to watch the video.


Q2. Can I watch a video on my mobile?

A2. Yes Budo On Demand is mobile-ready and you access all the video contents on any device, including phones & tablets.


Q3. Is your checkout secured?

A3. We are using a bank standard 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your credit card data.


Q4. Where is your server located at?

A4. Our servers are located all around the world that will cache your content and deliver it via local servers. We are using  two global CDNs which allows us to stream instantly and globally without any buffering or delay.


Q5. I live in Japan and was unable to view your website.

A5. We are restricting this service to the international customers only.


Q6. What type of payment do you accept?

A6. We accept VISA, Master Card and American Express. Sorry but we do not accept Paypal.



Q7. Who is running Budo On Demand?

A7. Tozando International division team is operating this unique service.


Q8. I am not happy with the content. Can I get the refund?

A8. We do not refund on any pay-per-view program.


Q9. I could not finish watching my order in three days. Can I extend the duration?

A9. We do not extend the duration of viewing and you need to order it again.


Q10. I am an instructor and have made my own instruction video. Can you distribute it through Budo On Demand?


A10. Yes you can. Please contact us for more information.